Pyrotek Terms and Conditions

Pyrotek Aerospace Ltd.

Standard Purchase order Terms and Conditions

General Information:

Supplier shall implement a quality management system.

Use customer-designated or approved external providers including process sources (special processes)

Notify Pyrotek of non-conforming processes, products or services and obtain approval for their disposition.

Supplier shall prevent the use of counterfeit parts.

Notify Pyrotek of changes to processes, products, or services including changes of your external providers or location of manufacture and obtain Pyrotek’s approval.

Flow down to external providers applicable requirements including customer requirements.

Provide test specimens for inspect / verification, investigation, or auditing when required.

Retain documented information, including retention periods for no less than 10 years.

We retain the right of access for Pyrotek, customer and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of facilities and to applicable documented information, at any level of the supply chain.

Pyrotek Aerospace LTD

Pyrotek Aerospace LTD